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Nexus Union
An energizing collection of experiences.

Setting a new standard for high-quality, carefully crafted real estate development, Nexus Union will be a masterful collection of retail, entertainment, business and residential offerings. Shopping, dining, entertainment and residential  experiences will be heightened with local, regional and national brands, forming a unique collection of uses to serve a broad market.

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The cornerstone of any long lasting, thriving area is its residential offerings. Nexus Union seeks to create an array of residences including a 300-unit multifamily property along with an active adult community aimed at the burgeoning baby boomers who are now seeking exemplary places to call home. Their sophisticated lifestyle, high disposable income and quest for the finer things in life all but guarantees a waiting list for available homes.


With a foundational response to residential, the developers of Nexus Union have carefully planned the 42-acre site to provide a unique collection of retail, dining and entertainment venues.


Imagine, if you will, visiting friends who call this home. After a brief stroll through the tree-lined park, you pick up your new iPhone at the Apple store, stop to admire the season’s latest couture and make it to the restaurant in time for a delectable meal. After grabbing a latte, your group of friends make plans to attend next week’s wine-tasting event at the art museum. Everything is at your beckon call. 


True to its classic, live/work/play environment, Nexus Union is also envisioned to have Class A office space, attracting not only companies,  but the blooming entrepreneur in need of incubator space for her startup\ technology company. As a further nod to the market it serves, the Union Club will offer its members not only private dining, but space for meetings and special events. Sharing a meal with friends and business associates will take on a whole new meaning here.


Nexus Union will be true to its name…a collection of the finer things life has to offer at the corner of almost everything.

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