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Le Village 

Adjoining the 1,100 acre community of Le Jardin will be a planned, mixed-use destination: Le Village. European-styled gardens, inspired art and artistically crafted green spaces will combine to make the village a unique experience. 

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Just a cobblestone road away from the upscale communities of Giverny and Tapestry, Le Village is a collection of carefully curated boutiques, tantalizing restaurants and one-of-a-kind specialty stores nestled in South Fulton. From the latest in fashion for you and your home to the most unique of gifts and collections of art, shoppers will discover something different with every visit.


Not only is the village a place for personal indulgence, it is also home to a variety of professionals from accounting to medicine – all designed to make life just a little easier and more accessible.


With up to 60,000 SF of retail, dining and service offerings, Le Village will also have a 300-unit multifamily community, senior living residence, and a thoughtfully designed single family, cottage and townhouse neighborhood.


Le Village gives a nod to a tiny French village replete with inviting walkways, pocket parks and truly a unique architectural style. Step out in style and embrace life in ways you never thought possible. Express yourself. Indulge yourself. Make memories for you and all those near and dear to you at Le Village. 

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